Blue Chick Pattern

Everyone knows if you have a Blue Hen and a Blue Rooster you’re going to end up with a Blue Chick… The blue chicken family is complete!

Blue Chick

This little chick finishes at a super cute 4″ square, perfectly to scale with the hen and rooster patterns.  The tiny pieces make it slightly more challenging to piece than my other patterns, but take your time to piece accurately and I’m sure you’ll find the end result adorably worth the effort!

Blue Chick by Judy

Pattern tester Judy‘s Blue Chick in small scale prints makes these scissors look ginormous!

Blue Chickens Family Pack

Also, now that the family is complete, I’m offering a special Blue Chicken Family Pack in my pattern shop.  This pack includes the Blue Rooster, Blue Hen, and Blue Chick, plus the right facing Blue Chick and bonus Egg pattern!  These blocks all work together to create a 28″ x 16″ mini wall hanging.  Or stitch up a whole flock to make a larger quilt!

Pattern Stats

Title:  Blue Chick
Type:  Foundation paper piecing
Size:  4″ finished
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2 responses to “Blue Chick Pattern

  1. Does the family pack come with detailed instructions? I have never quite understood how foundation paper piecing works, the logic of it.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Thanks for your question! My patterns do not include instructions on how to foundation paper piece. This is because there are so so many tutorials online about the subject already, so I find it a little redundant to include this information in each pattern. My patterns only include instructions specific to each block on the order of joining the sections. I suggest having a google and giving paper piecing a go; if the first tutorial you find isn’t clear, there are plenty more out there!

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