Inktober 2017: Week 2 and the sad demise of Robynie Inktober

As you may recall, back in October I started doing Inktober and I’m willing to admit I failed miserably. Between trying to release the Pegasus pattern and other obligations it was just too much. It came to a screeching halt when I decided to take a weekend off to get myself together and then never … Continued

Inktober 2017: Week 1~!

On a whim, I decided to do Inktober this year. For those unfamiliar, it is a casually-organised event throughout the month of October when participating artists draw something every day in ink. There are some official prompts that can be used for ideas, but I found them a little lame so I’ve opted to combine … Continued

Drawing Technicolor Dream Hen

Kinda got distracted and forgot to post this yesterday– I put up a new (?) drawing. I did a lot of drawing in January this year, but I’m trying to space them out a little.  As usual, the full drawing is on the art page. Arty Stats! Title: Technicolor Dream Hen Dimensions: A3 Media: Mixed … Continued

Drawing Festive Frogface

Along with scanning a bunch of finished work from last year, I’ve also been trying to reach a conclusion on some drawings that have been lingering around since last year and I’m still going on about. I have been working on this self portrait so long I don’t wear these glasses anymore. And I have … Continued

Drawing Disgruntled Donut

I got a scanner! Hurray! I have added a new drawing to the art page (above is only a detail).  It kinda matches my background, so the site won’t look so clashy clashy for awhile.  I know someone out there is pleased with this development. Arty Stats! Title: Disgruntled Donut Dimensions: A3 Media: Mixed on … Continued