Inktober 2017: Week 2 and the sad demise of Robynie Inktober

As you may recall, back in October I started doing Inktober and I’m willing to admit I failed miserably. Between trying to release the Pegasus pattern and other obligations it was just too much. It came to a screeching halt when I decided to take a weekend off to get myself together and then never started up again. Anyway, here are the drawings I did finish! There are many!

Mollusc + Male Shark

Day 8: Mollusc + Male Shark

Large Moth + Frenchie

Day 9: Large Moth + Frenchie

Mammal Skull + Female Cat

Day 10: Mammal Skull + Female Cat

Bell-Jar Specimen + Male Cat

Day 11: Bell-Jar Specimen + Male Cat

Antlers + Female Dog

Day 12: Antlers + Female Dog

Crystals + Male Dog

Day 13: Crystals + Male Dog

That’s all for now, better luck next year! X___X