Manly Honeycomb Mittens

I started out writing a post about the now complete Monday Modern round robin, but I’m having a technical difficulty so back to the original plan and this post about mittens!

Honeycomb Mittens

I learned to knit I think two summers ago (?) and it’s a slow learning curve but I’m figuring it out. My general method is to pick something which looks slightly more complicated than my previous project and then I google new stitches as I go. This was my first colourwork project other than making socks with different coloured toes. I rate it as “easier than expected.”

Honeycomb Mittens detail

The pattern is called Manly Honeycomb Mittens by IamSnowfox. I picked this one with “manly” in the name because I was making them for my father and I wanted to ensure they were man-sized. I started following the pattern as written, but I didn’t like how the honeycombs looked like they had eyebrows, so I frogged a bit and changed Row 6 to (colour A) *K4, P2, rep from * to end of row. Then for Row 13 (colour A) *K1, P2, K3, rep from * to end of row.

These changes eliminated the eyebrows, but also created an overlapping scales effect rather than honeycombs. I think it looks cool? I am mostly just proud I was able to make minor tweaks and achieve the effect I wanted even though I’m a total amateur. I was concerned the thumbs were gonna be a real challenge, but they weren’t bad at all, so maybe gloves next time?

Honeycomb Mittens

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    1. Hehe, on the example on the pattern the eyebrows weren’t so obvious because her yarns were similar in value, but with my contrasting yarns it seriously looked like little white eyes with eyebrows. Maybe I should make another pair and embroider a pupil on each eye! That would be super creepy!

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