Laurels detail

As you know, I get pretty excited about all my patterns, but I am extra excited about sharing this one with you today.  It’s called Laurels and as you can see, it’s a set of two laurels you can sew together into a wreath, or you can use them as a border for your other blocks!  One of my goals with my patterns is to have designs that work together in a modular way so you can mix and match them to create a quilt that is uniquely yours without too much fuss over planning the design or doing math or anything like that.  I hope you will enjoy combing Laurels in creative ways with other patterns in your stash!


To make the Laurels pattern as versatile as possible, I’ve made them up in three sizes for you, 12″, 16″, and 18″.  Each individual laurel is half the height, so the 12″ laurels are 6″ wide, etc.  In the pattern shop, you’ll see I’ve got them all available separately so you can purchase just the one you need now, or there’s a multipack with all three sizes so you’ll have those in your pattern library right when you need them! (more…)

Everyone knows if you have a Blue Hen and a Blue Rooster you’re going to end up with a Blue Chick… The blue chicken family is complete!

Blue Chick

This little chick finishes at a super cute 4″ square, perfectly to scale with the hen and rooster patterns.  The tiny pieces make it slightly more challenging to piece than my other patterns, but take your time to piece accurately and I’m sure you’ll find the end result adorably worth the effort! (more…)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been in the US for a nearly month-long holiday leading up to QuiltCon in Savannah, Georgia. Outrageously large unicorn tote in tow, I headed down from North Carolina with Swampy to see some quilts and friends! I don’t want to have a really long post (though I didn’t take many photos at all!) so I’m splitting this up into a post for the exhibition and a post for friends and the class I took.

The first day, Thursday, we leisurely explored the exhibit hall to see all the quilts. I only took pictures of a couple because I guess I’m very particular? I enjoyed many of the award winning quilts (there is certainly no doubt Bling was the Best in Show), but there’s plenty of photos of those floating around so I’ve chosen not to include them here. (P.S. I used a new camera to take these pictures so if they look especially bad it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing with it yet!) (more…)