Rockstar Hare (top detail)

I made this quilt for the MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge.  The prints are from a line called Creative Rockstar by Rad and Happy.  The challenge was to use the prints in the collection together with any Riley Blake solids to make something quilted. (more…)

Sea Hare WIP

This is a quilt about discovering where you fit into a situation, breaking the pattern, and finding solutions.  This top has slowly evolved from something orderly and (over) planned to a chaotic desperate scrambling to make it work.  I feel it works.

Sea Hare WIP

I’m hesitant to say I like white solid fabric, but it has a certain appeal lately.  Though perhaps not in an expected way.  The infringement of this “negative space” forms a rigid outline between stark whiteness and the natural desire of quilting to be bursting with patterns and textures.

Sea Hare WIP

Now that it is hanging, I see a warbled bit which requires my attention, but I’m hoping to get started with quilting this one soon.

Rabbit's Nest Redoubt detail

I eeked in finishing Rabbit’s Nest Redoubt right before the end of the year, so it’s my final finish of 2015. I have one more finish from 2015 which still needs photographing and blogging, then I will be solidly in 2016 and able to reveal my first finish of 2016!

Rabbit's Nest Redoubt

This one started with a freezer paper pieced rabbit which I quickly sketched up one evening before piecing it the next morning. I wanted to do a landscape with rounded corners, so I planned that aspect from the beginning, but those were the only specific constraints I established early on.

I started on the horizon using my three brown fabrics. (You’ll be hearing more about brown fabrics soon I’d anticipate!) The horizon helped me visualise more clearly how the rest of the quilt was going to be laid out. I was able to determine based on the size of the rabbit I would proportionally be able to make the quilt narrower than the standard width of quilting cotton, which would be helpful later on when adding the backing!

Rabbit's Nest Redoubt

Next, I started on the clouds. I wanted them to be atmospheric and give the impression of clouds while still embracing the patchwork nature of quilting. I made a lot of low volume wonky wedges, as well as squares and HSTs, and then started moving them around to my liking. The process was similar to my approach when piecing my Green Swallow Sommelier top; I started with more structural elements, followed by filling in the gaps.  I also had some fun with bias strips!

Rabbit's Nest Redoubt

For the bottom half, I wanted to make circular shapes to give a loose “nest” visual (more fun with bias strips). It turned out I didn’t have as many mustard and olive greens as I thought so the red orange became less of an accent than anticipated at the start. Now I like to think of it as subterranean magma.

The quilting was done in many different coordinating colours using the dual feed on my machine as usual, and is a mix of petal shapes, as well as matchstick filler and a geometric chevron design I came up with for filling in wedges.

Rabbit's Nest Redoubt detail

Contrasting binding would be too border-like and not beneficial to this design, so I went super scrappy and carefully matched up the horizon. I am satisfied with how this turned out, and you’ll see I used a similar binding aesthetic for my next finish!

Rabbit's Nest Redoubt

Quilt Stats
Title: Rabbit’s Nest Redoubt
Dimensions: 40″ x 66″
Pattern: Original design
Completed: December 2015


Rabbit Nest basting

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I keep my computer on the same table as my sewing machine.  It’s a large table, but sometimes the quilt I’m working on will type on the keyboard while I’m quilting it.  I thought it would be funny to let the quilt type the title to this post, but all I got was a bunch of spaces.  I guess “rabbit nest quilt” has writer’s block.

Rabbit Nest quilting

Anyway, I’m steadily plodding along with the quilting on this one.  To accent the improvisational nature of the piecing, I’m mostly improvising the quilting as well.  I have very basic plan of the motifs I want to incorporate and how I want certain areas to flow, but everything else is filler made up on the spot.

Rabbit Nest quilting detail

I’m using two different threads so far, Aurifil 5001 (a very neutral yellow) for the lighter underground areas, and Wonderfil TU35 (variegated rust red to grey) for the reds and browns near the horizon. Laurina suggested the Wonderfil when we were at a quilt show, and let’s just say, I wish I’d bought more!  Though both threads are 50wt, the Wonderfil visibly looks thicker, which seems to lend to it being more forgiving when quilting, but I would not use it for piecing. Also my sewing machine is ominously quiet when sewing with it.  I can listen to podcasts while quilting now, which is pretty cool.  I might try Aurifil in a 40 or 30wt in the future for experimentation purposes, though right now I’m productively working with what I have…

I am hesitant to say I am a third the way through the quilting, but I am definitely a quarter of the way through.  There will be some serious trimming afterwards to work out the rounded corners of this design, but I’m confident it will be well worth it.

As always, linking up with Freshly Pieced later on!

Today I’m meant to honor a human or non human animal who inspires my veganism. This is a little awkward maybe, but the clear choice for this post is someone I don’t know. She writes the only vegan (or even cooking-related) blog I follow, which I found when she commented on one of my posts the first time I participated in MoFo back in 2012. Somehow she found me again and commented this year too! I didn’t realise she was as involved in MoFo as she is, but she made the lovely illustrations for this year’s banners. Of course it is Amey from Vegan Eats & Treats.

In Amey’s honor, I have made a doodle for today’s post!


If you don’t follow Vegan Eats & Treats, you should start ASAP. Every post is the right blend of inspiring, informational, and silly. I am constantly learning about new cookbooks, yummy vegan snacks I could be eating if I still lived in America, and having a good giggle. Did you read her Obama post?  Hilarious!  Also, every year I wish I had remembered it was NoRooz so I could have my own NoRooz party. NoRooz party is one of my lifelong goals. Someday……..

Finally, because of Amey, I heard about Oh She Glows, a cookbook that has been on my wishlist forever, but there is also a website, which I look at from time to time.  That is how I found Vegan Egg Nog.

Vegan Nog

Egg nog is one of those treats I didn’t completely realise I was missing from my life.  I used to buy up all the Silk nog and pumpkin spice flavour when it was on special after the holidays and drink it like crazy, but I’d more or less forgotten about it now.  This recipe is fantastic, the only part I would change is less maple syrup in the future. I’d imagine this has to do with the sweetness of the banana, which I find can vary quite drastically from bunch to bunch.  Otherwise, absolutely A+ and I am looking forward to making more at Christmas (if not before) when avocados are in season and it is hot enough to want a frosty drink!