Rockstar Hare (top detail)

I made this quilt for the MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge.  The prints are from a line called Creative Rockstar by Rad and Happy.  The challenge was to use the prints in the collection together with any Riley Blake solids to make something quilted.

Rockstar Hare

I don’t have a Riley Blake colour card and don’t know of anywhere local that carries their solids, so I more or less ordered some solids at random from the internet.  While neither of the oranges I chose matched up with the orange print, I am happy with how the solids look together.  Solids are really out of my comfort zone so at least I had this working in my favour.

Rockstar Hare (detail)

Since I was already dealing with a selection of prints I wouldn’t normally choose and solids I wouldn’t normally use, I decided to try raw edge appliqué as well because I wouldn’t normally do that either.  Might as well get all these activities out of the way at once.  I was also on a short timeline with the deadline for the challenge being 30 April and I was away from my sewing machine for the month surrounding QuiltCon.  So I drew a little picture of a rabbit and some triangles while travelling and set to work when I got back.  I pieced the triangle background first with the pieced curved whiskers in the negative spaces then appliquéd the rabbit and fussy cut triangle print pieces over the top.  I mostly remembered to cut out the centres of the fusible web before adhering it so I was able to trim away some of the excess fabric on the back to keep the areas with several layers from getting too thick.  This helped a lot when I quilted it on my domestic machine.

Rockstar Hare (back detail)

I thought about having another go at FMQ for the quilting, but as the design is geometric with gentle curves, I couldn’t think of any particular design that required the effort.  In the end, I did all the quilting using the dual feed on my machine and satin stitch foot (I like this foot for quilting because I can see where I am at in relation to the seams a little better than with the standard foot).  I used a variety of different coordinating threads from my stash, but mostly Aurifil 50wt 2410 (light pink) and 2150 (orange), as well as my absolute favourite variegated thread for quilting, Wonderfil 50wt Tutti TU14, which is called “Spring” and is an amazing combo of mustard yellow, olive green, and lavender.  Seriously, if you see this thread, buy it, it looks great in so many different quilting situations!

Rockstar Hare (back)

I ordered a completely arbitrary amount of fabric which was only barely enough to piece a back and scrounge some strips for a scrappy binding.  I have a bit of purple left and everything else is tiny scraps.  I don’t use solids much anyway so this is probably for the best. :)  That said, I hadn’t used the Riley Blake solids before and I found they have a lovely texture.  The white especially has a slightly fuzzy brushed sort of feel to it and they are all pleasantly thick and densely woven.

Quilt Stats

Title: Rockstar Hare
Dimensions: 42″ x 58″
Pattern: Improv
Fabrics: Riley Blake Creative Rockstar and Confetti Cottons Rouge, Orange, Cloud, Celery, Coastal Blue, Crayola Purple Mountain Majesty, Peaches ‘n Cream, Fuchsia, Olive, and Lilac
Completed: March 2017

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this quilt.  I thoroughly enjoyed making it (and finishing it at a self record setting pace), but I do not think I will make anything that looks remotely like this again.  Though there may be more appliqué in my future.

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Everyone knows if you have a Blue Hen and a Blue Rooster you’re going to end up with a Blue Chick… The blue chicken family is complete!

Blue Chick

This little chick finishes at a super cute 4″ square, perfectly to scale with the hen and rooster patterns.  The tiny pieces make it slightly more challenging to piece than my other patterns, but take your time to piece accurately and I’m sure you’ll find the end result adorably worth the effort! (more…)

Generation Loss WIP

I haven’t forgotten about that second Quiltcon post!  But it has come to my attention I never posted (or even took) photos of this finished top, so let’s get that out of the way first.  :)

Generation Loss WIP

I am working hard lately to finish some of my many (many many) WIPs, so I’m hoping to get to the quilting of this one soon.  Realistically, the quilting on this one should be pretty straightforward (no pun intended) because the design lends itself to straight line quilting.

Generation Loss WIP

Stay tuned to find out if I ever get tired of eight-pointed stars!

Generation Loss WIP

Improve Stripes and Braid Blocks Tutorial

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Improv Stripes and Braids tutorial series. We’ve already completed our Improv Stripe block, so let’s get right into the Improv Braid block. Left over from last time, you will need the following:

  • 3 sheets of copy paper/lightweight paper large enough to be cut into two 12 1/2″ squares OR freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Paper cutting scissors
  • Ruler
  • Water soluble glue stick (if using copy paper)
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • 5″ half square triangle left over from Part 1.

In Part 1, we used the copy paper and the foundation paper piecing technique to sew the Improv Stripe block, but for this tutorial we’ll be using freezer paper to mix things up. If you’re using regular paper, assemble your template as in Part 1 and skip on to step 2. Then be sure to subsequently sew through the paper as normal rather than sewing next to the fold. (more…)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been in the US for a nearly month-long holiday leading up to QuiltCon in Savannah, Georgia. Outrageously large unicorn tote in tow, I headed down from North Carolina with Swampy to see some quilts and friends! I don’t want to have a really long post (though I didn’t take many photos at all!) so I’m splitting this up into a post for the exhibition and a post for friends and the class I took.

The first day, Thursday, we leisurely explored the exhibit hall to see all the quilts. I only took pictures of a couple because I guess I’m very particular? I enjoyed many of the award winning quilts (there is certainly no doubt Bling was the Best in Show), but there’s plenty of photos of those floating around so I’ve chosen not to include them here. (P.S. I used a new camera to take these pictures so if they look especially bad it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing with it yet!) (more…)