Rabbit Nest basting

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I keep my computer on the same table as my sewing machine.  It’s a large table, but sometimes the quilt I’m working on will type on the keyboard while I’m quilting it.  I thought it would be funny to let the quilt type the title to this post, but all I got was a bunch of spaces.  I guess “rabbit nest quilt” has writer’s block.

Rabbit Nest quilting

Anyway, I’m steadily plodding along with the quilting on this one.  To accent the improvisational nature of the piecing, I’m mostly improvising the quilting as well.  I have very basic plan of the motifs I want to incorporate and how I want certain areas to flow, but everything else is filler made up on the spot.

Rabbit Nest quilting detail

I’m using two different threads so far, Aurifil 5001 (a very neutral yellow) for the lighter underground areas, and Wonderfil TU35 (variegated rust red to grey) for the reds and browns near the horizon. Laurina suggested the Wonderfil when we were at a quilt show, and let’s just say, I wish I’d bought more!  Though both threads are 50wt, the Wonderfil visibly looks thicker, which seems to lend to it being more forgiving when quilting, but I would not use it for piecing. Also my sewing machine is ominously quiet when sewing with it.  I can listen to podcasts while quilting now, which is pretty cool.  I might try Aurifil in a 40 or 30wt in the future for experimentation purposes, though right now I’m productively working with what I have…

I am hesitant to say I am a third the way through the quilting, but I am definitely a quarter of the way through.  There will be some serious trimming afterwards to work out the rounded corners of this design, but I’m confident it will be well worth it.

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Ok, so I know I need to finish things instead of starting new things, but I’ve actually been doing a decent job of that even though I’ve not been posting so much about it here.  For example, I’ve finished the black rabbit top and it needs photographing, but it’s been so overwhelmingly hit and miss with the weather lately I don’t know when that will happen. I have scoped out a really great quilt photo spot nearby but it involves laying the quilt on the ground and I obviously don’t want there to be mud present when that happens.

Wishing Pig WIP

Anyway I started this new pig quilt– I know it kinda looks like a pig on a completely unrelated background, but that’s the sort of state it is in at this point when it was getting almost too late to take a daylight photo.  I have ideas for how it will eventually be integrated more effectively.

To all my quilting followers: if you are growing increasingly tired of food pics, know that there will likely only be three or maybe four more… so if you’re still following me at this point, please stick with it!

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Nest WIP detail

My blog has become a perpetual apology for lack of posting.  I took a bunch of photos last weekend for a completely different post but they did not turn out.  We’ll come back to that later.  I started a new rabbit quilt, it’s experimental.

Nest WIP fabric pull

I started by sewing this freezer paper pieced block I had quickly drawn up one evening, then pulled out some coordinating fabrics (ignore my carpet, I live in a rental).  I have an over-abundance of mustard yellow fabrics currently, everything from classic American yellow mustard to delightful shades of Grey Poupon.

Nest WIP sky piecing

I started with the sky, low volume curves are on trend, right?

Nest WIP sky completed

While the rabbit piecing and other elements on this quilt are quite “realistic,” I also like to embrace the patchwork origins of quilting, so I added in some checkerboard squares and those sort of quarter log cabins I’ve been seeing a lot of lately (not certain how effective they are in this instance).

Nest WIP design wall

I spent most of yesterday working on the ground area; this is about where I’m at now.  I have a lot of ideas for the ground, but I have to carefully consider how to accomplish them technically.  A lot of sitting and staring is involved.

You have surely noticed here or if you follow me on Instagram my new gridded design wall!  I know it is not so so pretty to look at, but I am happy with it.  It’s the Kaffe Fassett design wall gray grid flannel, which I picked up five yards of with the Fat Quarter Shop gift certificate I won from the Pantone Challenge.  I cut the yardage in half and painstakingly resewed it together matching the grid to make a large square which fills up most of my wall.  If I were Westminster I would have printed this on 108″ fabric, the 44″ is a bit pointless.  Maybe they don’t have 108″ flannel.  I should’ve ironed it before I hung it up, but was overly eager to use it.

Also pictured above on the right: a lonely Moda building block (top) — on hiatus but not forgotten; sea turtle block — pattern coming soon; and Megan’s round robin — progress post forthcoming.

Nest WIP Scraps

My scraps have reached critical mass so I’ve been sorting sorting sorting.  In order to not further contribute to the problem I sewed the sky scraps as leaders and enders when I was working on the ground.  I made this scrappy fan (pictured on the left in the previous photo)…. I guess it will go on the back?

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Green Swallow Sommelier top

The past couple weeks I’ve been working diligently on my entry for the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge.  If you haven’t heard about it, the idea is to make a quilt using Pantone’s color of the year.  This year’s color is “marsala” which I was originally calling “masala” and was confused because it’s not very curry-colored…  It is quite a different color from the previous jewel-toned colors of the year, radiant orchid, emerald, and tangerine, so it had a bit of a mixed reception.

At some point I decided I was up to the challenge of making a quilt in marsala but I found I didn’t really have any appropriately colored fabrics.  I was really feeling ready to work on it right then though, so I attempted to make a quilt that would read as marsala without a lot of actual marsala (I also ordered some more fabric online to add in later on).

Green Swallow Sommelier detail

After doing lots of planned cutting and piecing with my Modern Building Blocks, I felt like doing some impulsive improv style sewing, so I started out chain piecing lots of little scraps with some of the larger pieces of fabric I had dubbed “marsala-ish,” such as that Kaffe Fassett shot cotton stripe, Kathy Hall’s textured solid in rhubarb, and what I like to think of as the most delightfully hideous batik ever.  I’ve also been hoarding some of the Riley Blake neons and I realized the green goes pretty well with marsala.

Green Swallow Sommelier detail

I started adding in some touches of the neon green and more structured pieced stars from the Mary Knapp book I’ve mentioned previously and Carol Doak’s 50 Fabulous Paper Pieced Stars which I checked out from the Auckland Quilt Guild library.  As I was constructing the circling swallows star, this quilt got its name, “Green Swallow Sommelier.”  The finished top is 54 x 70 inches.

As much as I would like to get this quilted by the April 24th deadline, I don’t think it’s very likely at my usual quilting pace and given everything else I’m working on, so I will probably end up entering the “Just the Top” category.  There is, however, time for you to make something marsala to enter before the deadline!  You can find more info over at On the Windy Side.

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Green Swallow Sommelier top

MBB progress

It is Thursday evening here, but thanks to the International Date Line, I thought I’d squeeze in a WIP Wednesday post!  In the Monday Modern quilting group I’m in, some of us have decided we would each make the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt in 2015. I apologize for the “artsy” shadows in these photos, it is sunny and much too hot to wait around for a cloud to pass over the sun like I usually do….

You may have seen the example of the quilt on the pattern is all in solids, but I am not one to follow instructions so I’m using prints (pretend that orchid chambray is a solid if you must!) and I’m following my own coloring scheme where almost every piece in each block is a unique fabric.  I’m also planning a different arrangement of the 48 (!) blocks once they are finished, but we’ll see how that goes.

MBB Block 3

I originally planned to maintain “shapes” made up of adjacent like-colored fabrics to be made from the same print.  However, I had to reevaluate this when I was working on Block 3 (above), because I don’t have remotely close to the 90 fabrics required to make each piece unique, but it still turned out adequately scrappy for my tastes.

MBB progress

So far I have completed Blocks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.  I’m planning to work on Block 4 next so all the biggest blocks will be finished, and I won’t have to worry about not having large enough pieces of fabric later on.

Check out the progress being made by fellow Monday Moderners (Modernites?), Jacqui, Karyn, Linda, Liz, and Megan!

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WIP Wednesday