Rockstar Hare Finish

I made this quilt for the MQG Riley Blake fabric challenge.  The prints are from a line called Creative Rockstar by Rad and Happy.  The challenge was to use the prints in the collection together with any Riley Blake solids to make something quilted.

Hares of all Ecosystems

This is a quilt about discovering where you fit into a situation, breaking the pattern, and finding solutions.  This top has slowly evolved from something orderly and (over) planned to a chaotic desperate scrambling to make it work.  I feel it works. I’m hesitant to say I like white solid fabric, but it has a certain appeal lately. … Continued

Rabbit’s Nest Redoubt Finish

I eeked in finishing Rabbit’s Nest Redoubt right before the end of the year, so it’s my final finish of 2015. I have one more finish from 2015 which still needs photographing and blogging, then I will be solidly in 2016 and able to reveal my first finish of 2016! This one started with a freezer paper … Continued

WIP Wednesday: Quilting a Nest

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I keep my computer on the same table as my sewing machine.  It’s a large table, but sometimes the quilt I’m working on will type on the keyboard while I’m quilting it.  I thought it would be funny to let the quilt type the title … Continued

VGMF15 Day 18: Inspirational Amey

Today I’m meant to honor a human or non human animal who inspires my veganism. This is a little awkward maybe, but the clear choice for this post is someone I don’t know. She writes the only vegan (or even cooking-related) blog I follow, which I found when she commented on one of my posts the … Continued